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Andrea Bellmont
Andrea Bellmont's true love is romance, erotic romance. Being in a relationship that she calls complicated and is food for those who read her work.
Her work can be construed as RAW. She's diversified, loves the paranormal and is going to delight her readers with some amazing, fascinating stories.
Never underestimate the power of romance.
Her work is in the erotic genre, titillating and sensual. However, dipping her feet into the erotic thriller and horror genre is not beyond her talents.

Purr Babies....Andrea Bellmont
Black Stiletto

Tall, sleek, dark and slender was the only way to describe Daisy Plume, exotic dancer.
One night, one of Daisy’s regular customers, Ernie Smith, didn’t show. In his place came detective Emanuel Ortiz because Ernie had been murdered.
When the fourth victim is found, Daisy is arrested. She’s coined the deadliest female serial killer of her time. She’s “to die for.”  Better yet one reporter noted her black stiletto heels as they led her out of the Purple Heel; the club she danced at, hence, the Black Stiletto was born.​​

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An Orgy of Erotica: An Anthology of short erotic stories
Andrea Bellmont is a mistress of intrigue and an extraordinary author. She writes in many genres, all erotic. Here is a small collection of her best. Are you ready to have your senses aroused? Other releases, from Miss Bellmont are, Black Stiletto, Vampire, Trusting Him, Toil and Trouble and Candy Canes. All are available now. This is one of a kind anthology.

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Trusting Him
New York City, a romance conference, two established erotic romance writers meet and venture into another world, the world of BDSM.
She’s finally confident and sexy, after years of self-doubt. He’s found a partner he can be dominant with and now wants more. He wants her love. She’s fallen hard.  He wants to own her. She needs to belong to him completely.
Not even two countries and thousands of miles can keep two hearts from each other. Nor can it keep them from the strongest bonds of love leaving the vanilla world behind.
In a decadent purple dungeon on the Upper East Side of New York City two people connect. They discover they have the same hidden desires and fall in love.
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Jonathan Devers was a vampire. When he encountered Shane O’Malley, something inside of him drew him to her. He wanted her soul and he took it. He made her immortal.
Revenge can be sweet. Shane O’Malley found that out first hand. She was one of those women others envied. Her motto “everyone wants to be me,” until her world came tumbling down. When it did, she found herself in a cheap hotel ready to put an end to her miserable existence.
He’d been on a mission for centuries hunting down the demon who took his soul, not resting until he finally had the chance for redemption only to find evil spares no one. 
When you play with the devil…the devil always wins. But sometimes love wins out. Events are put right. Evil surprises everyone by giving back one soul everything that is good and precious.
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A Trail of Broken Promsies
****Charlene Harrison had her heart broken too many times. Her last heartache left her vowing never to love again. To compound her sorrow she loses a great aunt, one who kept her hopes and spirits alive. She’s left an inheritance, a beautiful Chateau in France. She finds it's exactly what she needs to heal.
Morgan LaPetre had been waiting for centuries for her. His soul had been imprisoned in the walls of the Chateau. A deal had been struck. She was to be his redemption, his way back to this world.
Will he promise her everything and deliver nothing but broken promises. Can he shatter her into pieces so he can take her soul for his own? How far will one soul go for redemption and to enter this world again? Will he defy his destiny and fall deeply in love with his one means of ever getting back into this world?
Charlene doesn't believe in ghosts. She doesn’t believe in love anymore. But one mystifying man makes her a pledge. Why would she believe him or put her trust in any man? Because he’s promised her the greatest gift of all, selfless true love. Will this final love affair shatter her to pieces? Will this betrayal crush her soul?
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Toil and Trouble
Samantha never figured on love. Witches never do. Love means giving up their powers so they're careful not to love. 
But what happens when a hunk of gorgeous guy happens along? Can she resists? Will she give herself to him to find he's not what she thinks he is.
Love, a witches true undoing and more than some toil and trouble.
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