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Kiss of Poetry
For lovers of poetry,please sit back and enjoy these poems from erotic to paranormal and everything inbetween.
The Evil Dance
The dance of desire
The need for frequent fire
Calls to the dark of night
An unexpected erotic fright
He lays low and watches
His intent so devious, cautious
His fingers ache to touch her
His need hard to invade her
But his horror so obvious
His reputation so notorious
He slithers in the evening light
Waiting for her erotic delight
He'll pounce when the time is right
Taking her awaking her for his bite
The dance soon will begin
The evil Gods will always win
As he plunges deep inside
Takes her for an erotic ride
Her blood is his to taste
On a silver immortal plate
Tonight she belongs to the monster
Her dreams he will conquer
Sensations of the carnal kind
As he takes her and makes her
His in body, needs and mind

Ethan Radcliff ©2018

She wore
Nothing more
Than fur
Red and soft
Fabulous fur
It began to lure
As you plainly see
Into her trap
That red wrap
A man's demise
As I began
To rise
Ready to play
My lady's way
Wrapped in fur
No amature
Delicious fun

Ethan Radcliff ©2016
Her Look
Her look
Her walk
Her place
Behind the door
Her heels
Click on the floor
They wait
With grins
To commit
Hidden sins
Her body ready
Eyes steady
Needs wet
On her face
No regret
A few steps more
Through that door
Hard to ignore
Sensual play
Many have their way
Such an end
To her day
To come what may

Ethan Radcliff ©2016
He is my inner wolf
I cling to his darkness
We dance in celebration
He's an amazing creation

One day he will shift
Be the love I waited for
I will submit to his strength
My desire boiling and pent

Now I wait for that day
When the wolf releases him
And he's part of my soul
As prophecy has foretold

SCR 2018

Her Eyes
The desire in her eyes
The way she melts ice
Taking him to her web
No tears ever shed
As she makes love to him
Embedding him in sin
So sexy so luscious
Capturing him
Her seduction begins
The innocence a ploy
As he becomes her toy
Victorious this she-warrior
His heart hers fallen gladiator
Of love of desire and devotion
Her lure a magic potion

My Guardian
He is my companion
My love, my guardian
He watches over me
Though he runs free
Through the forests
Over the land of dreams
And the land of wishes
My guardian angel
Protecting me from danger
The wolf might devour
So many lovely flowers
But he's my watcher
My soul's protector
And when I finally rest
He will be by my side
Unable to hide from sight
His broken heart
He'll follow me in death
Completing his quest

SCR 2018

The Game
Let’s get naughty…hehe and this is customized
Two can play the game
Bring on the toys, the fame
A little buzz, her favorite toy
Can he compete, her boy toy?
He kneels before her so ready
To please, his hand so steady
The games have now begun
She is the receptor of all the fun
His Mistress as always has won

Ethan Radcliff ©2018
What flavor are you
Cherry chocolate
That might do
I like deep chocolate
Like a brown bonnet
Licking candy
So very dandy
I’m not shy
I’ll lick a tasty thigh
Lips are delicious too
Just like you and you
Any flavor of chocolate
I like and will always do
Long licks fragrant lips
Dripping down a leg
Chocolate must I beg
Tell me your flavor
Do me this favor
Vanilla won’t cut it
Tonight I will admit
I want deep licking
One little droplet
On my waiting tongue
My desire has just begun
Ethan Radcliff©2018