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Christmas tales
What's in your stocking?

A Zombie for Xmas
Barry A. Gumpsteder has a problem. It’s one of a sexual nature and addictive. However, one eventful Christmas Eve changes Barry’s life forever.
A few days before the holiday a horrific accidental chemical disaster turns those injured into Zombies and they invaded the city. Barry finds himself running for his life when one of the Zombies captures him. He believes he’s doomed, but fate takes him in a different direction. He finally finds a solution to his sexual addiction and it’s one that may save the human race.
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A Fairy Happy New year
Kathy wanted to surprise her friends with a unique gift, one tailor made for the woman who has everything. Little did she know her gift would last a lifetime. Sometimes fairy tales do come true

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Cherry's new Christmas shoes
by Suzzana C Ryan

Cherry Adams needs a new pair of shoes. They must match her new red Christmas dress perfectly. On a recommendation, she tries a new small exclusive shoe store. Cherry’s friends tell her she will find the shoe of her dreams and an experience she’ll never forget.
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Horny Santa
by Ethan Radcliff
Every year Dave Johnson dresses up as Santa Claus to please his girlfriend. Dave’s a horny guy and enjoys being a horny Santa. This year Dave skips out on his girlfriend and takes up an invite to a party. However, it’s a requirement that he wear his Santa suit. What’s that old saying, be careful what you wish for. Sometimes what you see, isn’t what you get.
(*previous published as part of an anthology)
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Pinch Rollins: A wacky Christmas tale
by Ethan Radcliff
Pinch Rollins had a few quirks. One was an addictive personality. His addictions weren’t harmful but they were sexual in nature.
One Christmas he meets his match and buys her a nifty gadget for Christmas. It surprises them both.
This is a Christmas story, so yeah it ends happily and quite climatic.
Don’t miss this story, it’s meant to bring Christmas cheer with a little sexy humor thrown in.

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by Suzzana C Ryan
Pretty sexy Holly Davenport loved Christmas and wanted to spread some yuletide cheer. Her target, store Santas. She’d had a fixation with them as long as she could remember and wanted to do something nice for her favorites. She was sure her naughty generosity wouldn’t be refused.
Chester Walters plays Santa every year for his nieces and this year he needs a new suit. He spots the hot little blond and makes it his business to follow her. He meets Holly and learns of her naughty holiday cheer. Ironically he’s found a new Santa suit and now he wonders will he be part of her new sexy Christmas tradition? 
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Candy Canes
by Andrea Bellmont
 Its near Christmas and a pretty witch loves candy canes. She waits all year to eat her candy canes. Werewolves love anything sweet. Do you think one sexy, gorgeous shapeshifter likes a witch who loves candy canes? He's about to find out
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