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Playing with the Enemy
Josie never played fair. Josie was like a magnet, men were drawn to her. And Josie liked men. She'd take any one's man, she looked at it as if he's out there looking and he's hot, why not. Josie was a bad girl and wore her gang colors proudly. She never knew when to stop.
She never knew when enough was enough until she met J.P. Adams a New York City police officer. He was the enemy and forbidden fruit. Yet neither could deny the other.
In a quiet village in Queens New York five houses are raided and the diabolical benefactors are furious; their multi-million dollar business is dismantled and destroyed. Someone had to pay. They will make an example of the cops who now were riding on the glory train.
Tragedy strikes. Each DEA agent, undercover cop and their families become a target. Josie’s gang strips her of her colors because she’s sleeping with the enemy. She too becomes a target. 
The streets of Brooklyn and Manhattan may become a war zone. Two of the cops involved in the bust are murdered. The department is aware the remaining cops are now a target. One clue breaks open the door to justice. JP and Josie fall in love and in the midst of a drug Cartel’s revenge they struggle to survive.
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A Forbidden Kiss
Meet Charley Paligimo, tall dark and handsome. At thirty-seven he still found himself single and looking for that perfect woman, except as of late, he began to question his sexuality. He adored women, enjoyed their company yet his desires ran deeper. As a teenager, he'd had one so-called forbidden experience with another guy. To this day, it was his most fulfilling one. Charley was going to take a bold step. He wanted to experience what was once considered forbidden. Charley wanted that forbidden kiss, the one that would change his life forever. 
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Angel Rivera Donnelly was born into poverty. He came from the slums of San Juan, Puerto Rico, and as a teenage boy, he took to the streets of the city to make a living. He worked and begged at the gay saunas and bathhouses of the city. There he discovered his attraction to men.
Knowing his mother had him as a young prostitute, she had no choice but to give him up as a toddler to an orphanage. Gaining the name of Donnelly from his adoptive American parents, he hoped for a better life. Once out on his own, he enters the world of gay porn.
Rising from the gutters of the city streets and pushing his way up the ladder of gay society Angel finds love and respect.
**HEA ending with hot male on male graphic love scenes.

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Love's Eternal Fire
The Coast of Ireland 872 A.D.
Tomas was a Viking. An accomplished warrior, a seasoned sailor and the son of Sjurd head of one of the largest clans in his home of Norway. He’d many fine talents, most women could attest to them in bed.  He’d left Norway on a long ship heading for the coast of a rich lush country called Ireland.
Shauna heard from others along the coast about the invasions. Men, some said as tall as trees, came in long boats, killing, raping and taking land that didn’t belong to them. Shauna cringed; her beloved home was the next kingdom along the coast that was in danger of attack by these marauders.
A beautiful, green-eyed black haired beauty Shauna vowed to protect her home, only to fall prey to Tomas’s handsome face and warrior body. At first he treats Shauna with indifference, ignoring her beauty and punishing her for her disobedience. He keeps her a prisoner in his bed his need for her insatiable. And still she refuses to surrender herself to him completely, fighting him at every turn.
Tomas fights his need and his desire for Shauna but succumbs to it every night. He burns for her, craves her, as no woman before her. He surrenders to her will, falling deeply in love. Shauna’s love for him flourishes and burns deep, promising him a love that is eternal, and born of fire.  It will be a fire that will consume them both, and erupt into a deep and eternal love.
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Protecting Him
Marco G. Natalia, son of New York’s biggest crime family, has turned state’s evidence. He’s handsome, intelligent, self-confident and one of the mob’s most valuable specimens. He’s more than just a made-man. He was born made. His father, the head of the Notorious Natalia family, is dead, gunned down and murdered mob style while eating breakfast with his son. Now Marco G. Natalia is under Gina McCarthy’s protection.
From different worlds, two people meet, act on their attraction to one another and delve deep into emotions and feelings neither knew existed.
She’s the law and he only knows how to break it.
Ms. Ryan weaves a short lively story you’re not going to want to miss.
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