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The Black Dragon: Book One: The Alien Love Chronicles
In the Dead of Space, no one can hear your screams of passion…
The future is not what humans expected, it’s taken major steps backwards. In the pitch-black void of space, humans try to make their way. They’re no longer the dominant species. Yet, humans, especially the females, are a sought after commodity on the slave trade planets of worlds uncivilized and primitive.
One devastated young woman, an auburn haired beauty, having watched her captain’s head blown off, catches the eye of a Wharthon captain. She’s the second in command of the fallen ship.
Criton, the Wharthon captain, is an alien. His species is similar yet different he craves her blood and her sex. From the moment he see her, his body reacts with a fierce need to taste the female, in more ways than one.
Criton will lose his heart to the human warrior woman, mate with her enabling his strong attractive species to flourish and once again thrive. Jersey will find in Criton her soul mate, her equal and the love she’d never hoped to find in the black, deep frightening recess of space.  

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Tears of the Green Serpent: Book Two: The Alien Love Chronicles
No one can hear your screams of passion in depths of space.
Patrice Evans finds herself seeking protection from a handsome alien. Perry is a Wharton, an alien species, which is commonly referred to as a space vampire.
Somewhere between time and space, love happens. Patrice always believed if you can dream maybe one day your dreams will come true. Will the sought after Wharthon criminal be the love she’d been seeking her whole life or will he take her heart and use it haphazardly.
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The Red Spider (book three) The Alien love Chronicles  
Passion and danger have become a way of life in the black void of space. Humans and aliens vie to coexist. Humans have begun to command respect for their intelligence and perseverance. They’re known throughout the galaxies as an arrogant species. However, evolution is redefining them. Wharthons, a strange human-like species, are on the verge of a new era. Passion rules their attraction to humans. They are highly compatible and can produce inter-species young. However, one features separates the species, Wharthons need blood to survive. They are referred to as space vampires. Chantelle is a beautiful female Wharthon captain, a brilliant and passionate creature. Nathan Anderson is a human soldier of fortune in search of his nephew and what’s left of his family. Finding Con, his nephew, proves to be a dangerous and arduous adventure. Their journey will bring The Black Dragon and The Green Serpent, both large space cruisers, together along with their Captains, Criton and Perry. If you loved book one and two, you will devour book three, The Red Spider.
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