Suzzana C Ryan
Suzzana C. Ryan is a wife, mother, and a grandmother. She has always wanted to be a writer. She began this journey in 2011 and her first work, A Vampire for her Birthday was published by an indie publisher. Then she was diagnosed with breast cancer. However, that news never changed her dreams. She wrote even during her darkest days undergoing treatment and surgery. She got lost in her fantasies. Today she is still writing and has conquered her demons and disease. Her advice is never let go of what you dream of. Go for it. She's written over thirty books and will continue to create romance stories that people love to read.
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The Final Curtain Call
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Meet the mysterious Gaston Dembélé, a handsome gentleman of means. He wears a mask, one which hides his true identity and the memories of a grotesque deformity.. The man harbors a dark and deadly secret
Discover what he hides and travel through a looking glass of time. Can love transcend time? Miranda Owens is about to find out.
In the tradition of ‘The Phantom of the Opera,’ journey through time and experience a romance that will take your breath away.
Venture into another time and place, one of grandeur and beauty. It’s 1890, an age of pomp and circumstance in the wealthiest section of New York City.
Enjoy the ride.
Chains of Lust
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In eighteen-eighty-eight London, Vanessa Harrington is searching for her runaway sister. Tired and hungry, hitting another dead end, she finds herself in SoHo, on Broad Street, in the heart of the notorious Red Light District of London.
There evil lurks and a serial killer coined Jack the Ripper is murdering whores in the Whitechapel district.
Out of the mist and debris emerges a man, whom she’s convinced will end, her days on earth. He’s Nosferatu, a vampire, ages old and his name is Knight.
Will her search for her sister end with Vanessa having to decide between life and death. Will love free her soul or damn it for all eternity?
Erotic Dreams: An anthology of short erotic Paranormal stories
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Treat yourself to 15 naughty paranormal short stories by author Suzzana C Ryan. Best selling author of the Black Dragon and Forbidden Kiss and a featured author in the USA Today HEA. You will journey with her and read about hot vampires, sexy witches, and delicious shapeshifters. Included is a never before published 3 shifters, written for this anthology. She leaves no stones unturned.

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A Legend and a love story.
Lurking in the shadows is another society, one that Cassie would soon be introduced into, one she never dreamed existed. There, she would learn the true identity of the man she loved.
As she’s catapulted into the dark unknown, Cassie Carson will learn she’s a witch, with powers yet to be unleashed.
Oblivious to what harbored deep within her soul, she believed the only arms she’d ever want to hold her, were Glenn Hasting’s.
Out of the darkness will emerge another soul, an unexpected one. He will complete the circle and allow her to experience the powers of love and the magic of the heart.

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***He’s all rock and roll, she’s all fantasy***
Do you believe a person’s life is predestined? Fate has dealt Jackson Taylor a raw deal. He and his rock band Damage are in the middle of creating one of the greatest rock albums of all time, Blast. In walks a beautiful woman named Chelsey White. She’s been sent from the Gods, her mission: to make sure Jackson completes Blast. However, there’s a price to pay for the beautiful muse, better known as Euterpe. She falls in love with the arrogant rocker and it blindsides her. A muse can only fall in love once in a lifetime.
Blast will raise Jackson Taylor and Damage to worldwide stardom. However, fate will play its dark hand. Where will that leave Chelsey? Will the God’s call her home? Will she forever yearn for a love she can never have? Remember, destiny can’t be changed.